1. It is strongly recommended to use Google Chrome to edit your website via Weebly.
There are some known issues with the use of Weebly and various versions of Firefox.
2. In WebfireThemes Corporate Weebly theme, we have integrated the instructions into the weebly editor for ease of use.
This may result in some formatting and layout issues when viewing the site via the weebly editor.
we suggest you publish your site to a temporary weebly domain whilst building so you can see what the site looks like when it is live.
3. If you have purchased the theme package that includes Content Ready pages, please note these have been hard coded.
Changes to this code should only be attempted if you have HTML experience.
4. Anywhere an icon is being used, you can change that icon by changing the icon code EG <i class="fa fa-icon"></i>
The list of all icons available through Font Awesome can be found here: http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icons/
5. We have added a pre-loader animation to the site. To change the image you need to replace the file ajax-loader.gif with another file of your choice. You can download replacement loader gif's from http://www.ajaxload.info/
6. Wherever you see a box like this one, it is an instruction and will only be visible in the weebly control panel.
To hide these helper boxes there are two lines of code you need to delete in the main-style.css file. Search (CTRL+F) for "hide-helper"
Now Delete the line above and below this code: #icontent .helper{display:none !important}
Thank you for purchasing a theme from WebfireThemes.com

Known Bugs and Issues

1. We have added a preloader onto the site. This displays while the page is loading so when the visitor is viewing your site the whole page loads before being visible. There is however a bug we have noticed and being worked on. This is that with the page loader enabled, the page doesn't load in preview mode when using the Css/HTML editor. You can temporarily disable the preloader, by entering this line of code into the bottom of the main-style.css file:
#preloader {display:none}
2. When adding the social icons via the drag and drop weebly element, they sometimes don't display correctly via the backend. They work fine on your published site.

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